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Jennifer and Andrew Berry | November 13, 2010

A note from Tonya: As part of our blog, we thought we would share our couples we have the priviledge of working with here at Circle City Planners. I wanted you to read about how they met, their upcoming plans for the BIG day, and share a few cute pictures too. Enjoy! Here are Jennifer and Andrew Berry

The Engagement Story......
Our engagement story starts with a boyfriend who is always unpredictable and will plan a radom night out and go "all out". So I took him to work on Friday and before he gets out of the car he says, " I am going to plan us a fun night out this weekend, you have any ideas on what you would like to do. My reply, "suprise me". Later that eveing I pick him up and first thing from his mouth is, "were going to have a great time on Saturday". I say, "great, whats the plan?", he replies, "its a suprise!."

The next day we're laying by the pool and he says, " I am taking you to dinner tonight so dress warm," . I'm thinking dress warm, what could we be doing. So we go to the Signature Room, (a restaurant 95 floors above the chicago skyline in the Hancock tower) for dinner. When we sit down, (I am not paying attention) a waiter bring a large silver platter to the table next to us and a engagement ring is inside. The girls response was less than ideal (for the man) and he didn't even get on one knee. Later during dinner I see the girl looking at her "engagement ring" in awe and whisper to Andy, " I think they just got engaged, and pay attention because that is the ugliest ring I have ever seen" he starts to laugh and said, "didn't you see the proposal?" , i replied, "no". Andy said the proposal was very awkward.

Later than evening he takes to me Cheesecake Factory to pick up dessert, because were going to eat it on a boat. Yep, he then took me down to the pier where he had chartered a sail boat on Lake Michigan. Did I mention we are in Chicago. So we sail the lake for an hour or so then sail to Navy Pier for the Sat evening fireworks. So were sitting on the bow of the boat, cuddled under a blanket, watching the fireworks fall onto the water. He then got up, turned in front of me and on one knee and asked me to marry him with the fireworks shooting off behind him. (he said a lot of stuff, but I was too caught up to remember it all). It was a magical.

Once we got off the boat, I called a few friends to try to meet up and show them the suprise. They asked where we had been and I told them on a sail boat in Lake Michigian. Their immediate response is "are you engaged?" I responded, "how did you know?" They said, "who rents a boat for fun." I replied "my fiance!"

Check out Jennifer and Andrew's full wedding story.

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