Thursday, January 14, 2010

Does Your Florist Get...You?

There are loads of sources with tips on helping you with you with your vendor appointments. (Checklists, The, bridal magazines and organizers.) These can be super helpful and I encourage you to read them and have a list handy when you meet with your florist.

However, there is always one question I am surprised to see missing from these lists, and I think you should consider it.

You will find that lots of florists are good designers, it’s our trade, and we should be good at it. You may find that specific florists seem to have the same taste as you. We are trained to know the trends in the industry. You may find that some florists have a great website, and we hire great companies to make those for us. These are all important. But, ask yourself after your meeting, “Does this florist have an agenda?”

Did you get the opportunity to show them YOUR ideas?
Were they nurtured and enhanced by the florist or did she seem to have her own ideas in mind?
Was your budget considered in the planning process? Or did the florist immediately start by selling you on expensive ideas?
Was she reluctant to change, omit or reduce items?
Do you feel that the things you selected for your flowers represent who YOU are as a bride, or are they just things from a magazine that will wow your guests?
Do you trust your florist?
Did you leave the meeting feeling like you could call this person with a concern or problem and she would listen, act and help you quickly?

Ultimately, a good florist understands that she is the vehicle for YOUR inspirations. She should place the importance on your day as high as you do. She should care more about how YOU feel about the end product than she cares about how they will look in her portfolio.

I think my job is one of “floral psychology,” getting to know both the bride and groom, and helping educate them about the options that best represent them and their budget. It’s my honor they have chosen me to represent them on the biggest day of their lives. I have no agenda other than to see a bride smile.

...adding fabulosity to your florals,

Tiffany Mullen

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