Monday, January 4, 2010

Here Come the Bridal Shows

“Here come the Bridal Shows, Here come the Bridal Shows, Right down Extravaganza Lane!” Shows are popping up all over the place, which is a great thing for you BUT let me give you some tips on how to survive and ENJOY yourself at these shows.

There are many vendors just waiting on YOU at these shows. They are ready to pounce on you like a fresh piece of prey. Don’t let anyone bully you around and talk you into to signing up for TODAY’S Special! Read on and create a game plan, so you can be prepared and ready to make the most of the next show you attend. Make sure to stop by and introduce yourself at the bridal shows, we would love to meet you!

Tips to Surviving and ENJOYING the Bridal Fairs!

1. Make a plan : Figure out which show you have to attend. Go on their website, review the vendor list and see if there are any vendors you want to check out. Plan on spending the day at the show. Take your time, go to lunch before hand, attend the show, and then go out for coffee to discuss the show!

2. Change your mindset : Look at the show as a great opportunity to gather information from vendors. It will be crowded, go in with that in mind already. Go late to the show, the busiest time is the beginning of the show and in the middle of the day. Going late to the show, will give you an opportunity to speak to the vendors one on one.

3. Take a friend : A sk yourself, "Does my fiance really want to attend the bridal shows?" It’s okay if he doesn't (remember the Colt’s game is usually on). Take your mom, maid of honor, sister, someone who will be really excited to join you on this special day.

4. Grab two bags : You will get so much information and cards, grab two bags. One for the information you want to review and one that doesn’t interest you. This will help you when you get home to decide who you want to interview. No one has to know which bag you LIKE.

5. Go with your GUT : If you like the vendors’ booth and presence then most likely they'll fit your style. Put them in your LIKE bag and go home to do your research online. Are they in your price range?

6. Contact the VENDOR : While it’s fresh in your mind, contact the vendor right away to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait until weeks go by, call early so you have the choice of times and days for your appointment.

7. Have FUN! : This is an exciting time for you. Go in with the right mind set, take your time, take people you enjoy, and HAVE FUN!


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