Monday, September 28, 2009

Google Girl ties the Knot!

Julie and Jason
September 26, 2009

So many of you know that every bride of mine has a nickname, well Julie used to work for Google in California so naturally her nickname is "Google girl". Boy does Julie know her stuff and she definitely knew her vision for this Martha Stewart shabby chic wedding. When the planning began the location was undetermined until we found the perfect spot, her parents backyard. Linda and Doug just finished their new home on a beautiful farm out in Morristown (45 miles from Fishers). The perfect outdoor location for our country boutique wedding. After the ceremony, the guests were greeted by Elite Management Valet Service as the driveway was lined with 36" balloons welcoming everyone. The jazz band created the atmosphere as the fresh lemonade, ice tea, and flavored waters quenched the thirst and the hors d'oeuvres were bon appetit. Under the tent the English garden flavor was created by long family style tables, galvanized tins full of fresh blooms, and homemade pies accompanied each table setting. WOW, a CCP first....fried chicken, home style mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls, and cole slaw topped off with a slice of pie. YUMMMMMMMM. It was so neat to see the reaction of the guests as they entered the tent and found their seats. It reflected Jason and Julie's true hospitality personality. After the ceremony, Julie really couldn't wait to visit with her guests. It was important to both of them to make sure everyone was having a great time. I didn't know this until it was time for the toasts, but Julie and Jason went to the same high school and then came back together later in life and fell in love. It made me think....tis the season to outdoor events (we are up to 7 this year) and to all of my high school sweethearts that were married this year. (You might not know this but Mike and I are college sweethearts, so this is very close to my heart). The Woomblies really had the party moving all night long. Hether Miles and her assistant (Joel, my friend) captured every moment including taking Julie and Jason out on the tractor in the middle of the field. I can't wait to see those pictures. Thank you Julie and Jason for sharing this day with me. And a special thanks to Linda and Doug (mom and dad) for making feel so welcome in their home. I had a blast! By the way Julie, the dress was worth every penny. Absolutely stunning!
Wedding Love and Hugs,

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