Thursday, February 7, 2008

Elizabeth & David's Engagement Story

I love this story! It gives me goose bumps. Check out the bling bling ring too! How FUN

The old saying goes great minds think alike. David and I are both close to our families and have strong ties. Just as great minds think alike; history also repeats itself. Our story has a little bit of both.

David's parent's met on a blind date. Just as they did, David and I met as we like to say met on a blind date with technology, aka We corresponded at little bit through email and phone calls until we finally met. For both us it was love at first sight. We both quickly knew after meeting in person that we were meant for one another. We both like the same kind of music, love the Colts, and come from a farming background. In fact, the first time we talked on the phone I was at home studying for a test while David was in the field harvesting. The Colts were playing and I would call or text him updates throughout the night. Technology has played a big role in our relationship.

We had been dating for about nine months and David had decided it was time to pop the question, little to my knowing. He had told me he had to go to a chemical meeting. Instead, he drove 2 1/2 hours to meet my parents for dinner to ask them for their permission to marry me. Three days later he took me on a picnic in the small nearby town of Matthews. We sat overlooking the river by the covered bridge. It was beautiful. After dinner we went on a short walk closer by the bridge. There he found a landing and stopped to ask if I still wanted to marry him. I was shocked as he pulled the ring out his pocket and eventually was able to say "yes!" For me it was the perfect proposal.

We later learned on my parent's first date they had gone to a covered bridge. So not only do great minds think alike, history in a way does repeat itself. Which is lucky for us since both of our parents have been married over 30 years. We hope the close history keeps on repeating.

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