Sunday, February 17, 2008

Damon's Proposal

Here is Damon's Proposal Story Sept 20, 2007. I had thought about this day for about 9 months in terms of how or what words would I say. As the day approached I had asked her mother, father, brother, and GOD mother for her hand in marriage. I thought about how we met and our first dinner and our first kiss. So the day began pretty normal as she works in sales so she has a territory that she covers. I called her asking if we could meet for lunch, or in other words a kiss-drive by as I knew she had a working lunch getting ready to begin. She agreed and we met - not realizing it was the same location of our first kiss. As the day continued I began to inform her friends and family of my plan and to meet back at her house for the family engagement gathering. As the day continued we later met after work heading north to look at computers to which was my plan of being close to our first date encounter. The location to where 'my wife to be.' said "I am so not feeling you". So as we left the computer store and headed home I asked her if she was hungry and if she wanted a bite to eat. She was surprised because normally I would never want to stop at the location due to the memories and my reminder of how she turned me down the 1st time we ate there! :) Upon our arrival (to Bennigan's) we walked in I indicated I forgot something in the car, the staff asked her to come outside as I waited patiently on one knee. Well, baby this is where it started and I want to know will you marry me? Our wedding date is 9-20-08

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