Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jennifer and Nathan's Engagement Story

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone Here's today engagement story....

In high school seven years ago I registered to take a photography class and had to learn how to use a manual camera the summer before school began. So, Nathan and I spent the summer learning how to take light readings and how to focus the camera. We loved taking pictures together and the following December Nathan asked for a similar camera for Christmas. We went to a local park after a heavy snow to take more pictures with his new camera. We got some great shots that day and made wonderful memories as well. So, this past December it was no surprise that he wanted to go take pictures at the same park after a freshly fallen snow. I am still a student so time alone together is something we always love to do. We wore our boots and warm coats and marched through the snow stopping to take pictures of the scenery and each other. Then, we came upon a creek that ran through the park. I noticed some ducks and walked closer to the creek bed to get a better view. Nathan said, “This will make a great picture. I want to take a shot of you from the front and then you can turn around and I’ll get a picture of your back and you looking out into the water.” It sounded like a cool picture, so he took the picture of me from the front and then I turned around. He took the picture of my back and then said, “I have an early Christmas present for you!” I turned around to see him down on one knee in the snow holding the engagement ring in the box. “Will you marry me?,” he asked. I was completely shocked and surprised and don’t even remember answering yes. We walked around for about an hour afterward talking and laughing. Then we went out to his car to call our family. We went home to meet friends and family for a champagne toast to start off the celebration! And then after seven years together we started planning our wedding and our future together!

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Anonymous said...

You have to get married in the winter. We will create snow if there isn't any outside. How cute!