Monday, February 11, 2008

Jessica & Josh Engagement

The love affair started while I was bartending at the local watering hole, and Josh, was becoming a new watering hole regular. After what seemed like eons of flirting, Josh finally got the nerve to ask Union Jack’s best drink mixologist out for a date, me. Little did I know due to our ridiculously hectic schedule, our first date would be a long time coming. I knew Josh was the guy for me when he said those three little words… I love you, first. We dated for 6 years.
Fast forward to November 6th, 2008, the first “Happiest Day of My Life”. My sister Julie, her husband Evan, Josh and I planned our very first trip the NYC, that’s right New York City!! We were so excited to vacation with each other because Jules and Evan live in L.A. and Josh and I live here in Indy. Josh and I got off the plane in NYC on Tuesday, a few hours before Julie and Evan were due in from L.A. The city was cold and windy, but we didn’t seem to notice because the sun was shining and we were exploring a fast, fun, loud and surprisingly romantic city. I was so excited just to be there. We found a great Scottish pub and enjoyed some adult beverages with the locals. This turned out to be a nice relaxing way to start our trip. We later met up with Jules and her better half to check out the awe- inspiring sites and try one of the things New York is famous for, PIZZA.
After we were full of adult beverages and slices, Josh suggested heading over to the Empire State Building. We all agreed to see the city glistening like a diamond. Now remember, its November, its cold and its crazy windy, especially a bajillion stories up from the street. After running around the observation deck like kids in a candy store, Josh and I huddled in a corner admiring Times Square. Julie asked me for my camera, I handed it to her and when I turned back around, Josh was down on bended knee. I asked (like a crazy person) what he was doing, thinking maybe he was having a back spasm. Nope, he was just proposing. Awwww…
I think every little girl dreams of her engagement and wedding, plans it out, acts it out, but when that moment comes, the really beautiful part is that it still knocks you off your feet. In slow motion, I can still see his face and hear his voice say “There is so much I want to say right now, but can’t, so will you marry me?” I still see him on bended knee and hear the words even though I am just watching him sleep. Back on the observation deck, I was in such shock; Evan had to ask what I was going to say! I could not help to scream “yes” for all of New York and the rest of the Eastern Seaboard to hear. Then the paparazzi started a.k.a Julie and Evan. On a dark, cold, windy night the cameras lite up our little corner of deck like Times Square. Josh swept me up in his arms and kissed me long and lovingly and as the first time as my fiancĂ©.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! I want my boyfriend to propose to me on the Empire State Building. That is the most romantic story ever!!!!