Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Randi and Whitney's Engagement Story

Here it is with all the details that make it us: (it's kind of long)
The weekend before Christmas my fiancé Whitney and I were finishing up our Christmas shopping and happened to be over by Jared the jewelry store. I had picked out several rings months before and he had a good clue that the one at Jared was my dream ring! He insisted on going into the store for a 3rd time. While we were in there, he asked me to make sure there was not another ring I wanted to look at and that the few I had selected were it. We were in the store and I wandered off while he was talking to the salesperson and while I was doing this Whitney was putting a deposit on my ring. I HAD NO CLUE. We left and then carried on with our day.
Monday rolled around and when we both returned from work he wanted to open Christmas presents 5 days early and I thought this was going to be it! I was super excited and we opened presents and I acted calm, but nothing happened. I was so disappointed but did not want him to know that. I sat there and was not acting like myself so he knew I was mad. We proceeded to get into a lengthy argument that continued on into the morning. As we drove to work I still was very angry and continued to let him know. I am a teacher so the entire day at school I put my student's through a very rough day. I was even emailing and calling my mom and complaining about him.
Since Whitney had done a rather nice job of acting for 4 days he decided to go back to Jared Tuesday and purchase the ring. He knew the fight was going entirely too far and was getting worried. He also emailed me and asked me to dinner Thursday night to our favorite restaurant to start to get on my good side. I was so mad that he kept telling me he was saving money for a ring that I refused to go to dinner. He begged!! He also had another task; asking my parents. He was in contact with my mom and dad all day Tuesday. So while I was complaining about him to my mom, he was asking my parents to marry me! My mom told me when I called she had to mute me because she was laughing so hard!
Finally, Thursday came around and Whitney finally convinced me to go to dinner. Whitney made dinner reservations at Mitchell's Fish Market in Carmel for 7. The timing was extremely important because I had been telling him all week long how much it would mean to me if we could go home to our families for the holiday and announce that we were getting married. While at dinner we had a nice time. The conversation was a bit awkward because I was still upset. After dinner we were walking through the parking lot and he made a comment on how romantic the music was and of course I ignored his comment as I had no idea of what was to come. We got in the car and drove through downtown Carmel. Whitney pulled into a plaza all lit up with Christmas lights and parked the car. He took a cloth and covered my eyes and walked me through the plaza. We eventually stopped and Whitney told me to wait one minute. Then when I opened my eyes, we were in a beautiful gazebo with a huge Christmas tree and lights all around us and Whitney was down on one knee. He had the ring box open and I immediately started to cry. He asked me to marry him and I jumped around and said YES!! It took me five minutes or so to put the ring on!! W stood outside in the freezing cold and talked all about it. I didn't care about anything else at the moment but how shocked I was!!
No one knew but our parents. I kept the secret from everyone else for 4 days until Christmas Eve...it was extremely hard as I am very close with my family. At the dinner table I told my family we had a surprise and that we were getting married!! Everyone screamed and my grandmother and grandfather were both crying!

We are getting married April 18, 2009:)

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