Friday, February 15, 2008

Joe and Adrianne's Engagement Story

July 27, 2007

Joe had been working on this painting for the past couple of months at his Pop’s house. When he first contacted the Indianapolis Museum of Art they told him no to his plan. It had never been done before and they didn’t do anything like that. Determined to have his way he asked him to at least look at his idea. He than contacted one of the IMA curators and after looking at his work she said, “I’ll see what I can do.” The painting had to be approved by all 5 curators at the IMA in order to even be inside the building. Within the next hour she had replied “Sure, no problem.” Each curator had forwarded their approval!

Wednesday he went to ask my parents for their approval. He told them he had a painting accepted into the IMA but he needed Dad’s approval before it could be hung. He showed them a photo of his painting. I think they were quite surprised!

Friday came around and Joe had told me earlier in the week he wanted to go on a date because we had not seen each other very much the past two weeks due to our work schedules. He told me there was an independent film festival going on at the IMA and he would really like to go.

After work, we made our way up to the IMA. Joe really wanted to bring his camera with him but the people at the front desk made him check it into the lockers. I noticed him getting a little uncomfortable and upset that he couldn’t take his camera with him, but I was still oblivious. His main concern was that the ring was in the bag. He managed to get it out and sneak it into his pocket right in front of me.

As we rode the escalator to the second floor he had told me the theater was on the right. I’m looking for it and realize, “There’s no theater over there!” As I turn back toward the galleries, there it was. His painting had been on display since Thursday. He got down on his knee and I said, “Yes!”

There was a Jazz band playing in the galleries and they escorted us to a table front and center with high back chairs and brought us a bottle of wine. I was completely overwhelmed and surprised the whole evening. He had managed to do all of this and I never had a clue. After a little while we were taken downstairs for dinner at Wolfgang Pucks.

The whole evening was amazing for me and a great honor for Joe. These pictures hardly give his painting justice. I wish everyone could have been there. It was perfect.

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