Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shannon's trip to Paris

My fiance' proposed in Paris, France overlooking the Eiffel Tower over Labor Day weekend. When I flew to Paris to meet him (he has already there for work for the past week), I was hoping for a ring but my friends/coworkers were definitely expecting it! We did sight-seeing from the second my plane landed and he showed me the city. A day and a half later, he took me for a romantic dinner on a rooftop (a fancy, glass-encased restaurant on top of a museum) overlooking the Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful and the first time that I had seen the Tower at night). I kept wanting to go out and take pictures but he told me to wait until after dinner. We went out and I took lots of pictures. He hadn't initially planned on doing it at this spot but the moment struck him to do it there instead of a park a little walk away. When he asked me, it was all in French and I didn't know what he had said. So, the second time he proposed, he got out the ring and proposed in English. I cried, repeated "yes" about 10 times and finally said "oui". Only his Dad, a colleague in France (who bought us a bottle of champagne for that night) and my parents were the only ones who even knew that we were engaged until we flew back to the states 3 days later.It was the most romantic experience and I am so proud to be his fiance'. We are getting married June 28, 2008 and I am proud to become Mrs. Hughes.

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