Thursday, January 3, 2008

Inspiration Tuesday - Going Green

This Inspiration was inspired by my FUN, ORGANIC bride Britter! Thank you for the inspiration.
The main theme revolves around three concepts: recycle, re-use, and reduce. This concept is fairly new, green weddings – which is actually an alternative term for organic weddings. This type of wedding is basically about traditional ways of planning weddings with the plus of being environment conscious.
One other important consideration in planning an organic wedding is the venue. More than looking for a romantic venue, a couple wanting a green wedding should also consider other factors such as the presence of recycling containers, the use (or actually the “un-use”) of chemical pesticides for the lawn and other greenery, and the like. You can also find out how much carbon emissions the wedding guests will use to travel to the wedding, and then make a donation to offset those emissions. You can check out for more information.
Free range meat, recycled wedding invitations, organic flowers (artificial ones work too), florescent light bulbs (wedding favors), and organic seeds are just a few things to put the finishing touches on this GREEN WEDDING. Anything bi-gradable will work. Stop and think how much we waste our resources in America. This is one way to show your guests how much you love them and your environment!

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Darcie said...

Love your ideas about going green. Giving what is left over of the food to a local charity or planting a tree for each guest that attends the wedding are two other ways of going green!