Monday, January 7, 2008

Engagement Stories

For those who don't know we are having and an Engagement Story Contest! We are looking for the best engagement story in Indianapolis. Were you surprised? Did he get down on one knee? The more details the better. You can submit your story to and stories must be submitted by January 31st. We will post stories here on our blog and the winner will be announced on Valentine's Day. The winner will receive: Discount pricing on our Full Service Wedding Services, dinner for two at a downtown restaurant, one night stay at the Crowne Plaza hotel, horse-drawn carriage ride around downtown and a free photo engagement session from On 3 Photography! Below is Kristen and Terry's story.

Kristen and Terry's Engagement story
She said yes...
The night of April 1, 2007 was our one year anniversary. Terry had been in Atlanta, GA for the NCAA Final Four, which is “mecca” for college basketball coaches. The festivities and events were to end on April 3rd, but Terry made it a point to travel back for our one year anniversary.

I could hardly wait to pick him at the airport being that I hadn’t seen him in two weeks. At this time we were living in separate cities and making the trip was not always possible. To our dismay, his luggage had not made the trip with him to Indianapolis, but this did not ruin our plans for the evening. We had made reservations at a hotel downtown and we went to the hotel and relaxed and waited patiently for his luggage. Of course, Terry being the level-headed one was a little more patient than me.

Once we received his luggage we headed out for the evening to celebrate. Terry had made reservations at one of my favorite restaurants, Milano Inn. After a delicious and intimate dinner, we exchanged anniversary cards. Terry’s card to me professed how much he loves me and how he looks forward to celebrating many more anniversaries. Then, Terry had arranged for the manager to take a few pictures to document our anniversary, because he knows I absolutely love taking pictures. Well as we finished taking what I thought was our last picture; Terry said that we needed to take one more picture. As I turned back around, Terry kneeled and took my hand in his and asked me to marry him. Of course, I immediately said yes through the tears and smiles. It couldn't have been more perfect!

The night was not over. After calling friends and family, we finished the evening with ice cream on Monument Circle. One of our favorite spots is South Bend Chocolate Company. We both have a little bit of a sweet tooth, especially for ice cream! The wonderful thing is that we will be getting married just steps from where we celebrated our engagement.


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What a cute story. I love them all, but this one is very special. Keep submitting those stories, we love to read them. How romantic!

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