Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christa & Matt's Story

My fiance and I are high school sweethearts. We will be together for 8 years in March. We met when we were 15, and we are now both 23. In those 8 years we have never broken up, and we have lived together for 4 of the years. We moved to Indianapolis together to attend the same college. All my friends always teased me about not being married yet, or even engaged, especially since we have been together for so long. I just thought he would wait until we were finished with school to ask me to marry him. I am an education major and a dance minor. I just graduated college and recently had my last dance company performance at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. After the dance performance was over, the dance company director called me forward from the line of dancers on stage to introduce me as the graduating senior. Then my fiance, boyfriend at the time, walked up beside me, and she introduced him. It wasn't a big deal because I had roped him into doing a dance with me at this particular performance, since it was my last performance...so I just thought she was introducing him as a guest performer. So, I grabbed his hand to take a bow with him. BUT...then she handed him the microphone and told the audience that Matt had something he would like to say. The lights went out, and a spotlight shined on us. 'It's Your Love' started playing in the background. At that point, I think everyone kind of knew what was going on, so the entire crowd started cheering before he could even get a word out. He told me he had an entire speech planned to say to me, but after the audience started cheering he got nervous. His eyes started welling up w/ tears and his hands were shaking. His voice got really deep, and he said, 'Christa, we've been together for 7 years now, and nothing would make me happier for you to be my wife. I love you very much, will you marry me?' I really wanted to grab the microphone and say, 'could I please have 7 more years to think about it'....lol, but I just grabbed the microphone and shouted 'YES!' The entire audience stood up and went wild. I was so embarrassed that he asked me in front of a ton of people that I couldn't even squeeze out a tear, but everyone else was crying...lol I was in the very last dance number of the show so I was sweaty, and my hair was stuck to my face, and I had a ridiculous costume on...lol I had always imagined him asking me in a more intimate setting with just the two of us, but apparently he had other plans. The whole thing was caught on video of course because all of our dance performances are taped. When I watched the video you could see the whole dance company wiping their tears on stage after he asked me. Also, he didn't want to have a box sticking out of his pocket so he carried the ring in his hand when he came on stage. He kind of held it behind him so in the video you can see the first couple of girls in the dance line that watched him walk by start jumping up and down and hugging each other before he even asked me because they saw the ring. I definitely went out with a bang, and that dance performance will never be forgotten. I actually went back to the Scottish Rite for a bridal show in September, and I stood on the very same stage in the very same spot he proposed to me.
What a sweet story!

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