Friday, January 25, 2008

Kelsey and Chris's Engagement Story

No pictures with this story but its still a good one! Read below in Kelsey's words:

I wouldn't be surprised if every woman who submits her story starts out by saying "Mine is the best because....", or "It has never happened like this...". To me, my engagement would not have been the same, any other way, than how it happened. I would not change a single detail. To a "T", it screamed our personalities. So here you go, this is my engagement story. My now fiance, Chris, was just about to celebrate his 24th birthday on November 8th. Now at this time, that date was about a month away. I had decided that I wanted to take him out of town for his birthday since that is what he had done for me earlier that year. Just as I was starting to make plans for this mini trip, I got a message on the computer from one of his best friends stating: "Kels, we want to throw Chris a surprise birthday party this year. He has never been surprised before. Can you help us out?" My first thought was there goes my plans but then I figured I could at least take him somewhere Friday night then we could go back to his house Saturday night and surprise him there. I spent the next few weeks secretly sending messages back and for with his friends, updating them on what I had planned for us to do the day of the surprise and what time we would be getting back. I even went so far as to ask for his friend 's phone number so I could text him when we were on our way. I totally thought he'd be surprised. I was so proud of myself for not slipping up and spilling the beans since I'm horrible at lieing. So the weekend of the surprise finally arrives. We go to a bed and breakfast Friday night and on Saturday we go to Circle Center Mall, go to a movie, then out to dinner at P.F. Changs. I am constantly looking at my phone to see what time it is. We finished with dinner too early. I knew we couldn't head back to his house yet, not everyone would be there. So my fiance said that he wanted to go to this park downtown that we used to go to after work sometimes. I thought it was kind of weird but agreed to go since I knew we needed to waste a little more time anyway. We walked there and sat down on one of the benches. He proceeds to tell me that he had been lieing to me for quite some time. My fiance is not the type to do it at so of course I asked what he was lieing about. He pulls out a box, opens it, and inside is my engagement ring that he designed just for me. Now I knew he had picked out a ring already, I just didn't know that he had it and when he would ever propose. I was speechless and so was he obviously. After a really long pause, I asked him "are you going to ask me?". He laughed and then asked the BIG question. Now here's the big twist to my story. We get to the car and begin to drive back to his house. Of course I'm still excited for what is supposed to be a surprise party for him. We get to his house, and I tell him to go ahead and go in. We walk in the door and all of his friends are standing inside and yell "SURPRISE!!". I had pulled it off, or so I thought. I walk into the kitchen, and there sits my entire family (even my parents from out of town). This was not really a surprise birthday party. He had been planning this all along, an engagement party for me. He told his friends to get a hold of me and plan a surprise birthday party for him. The entire time, he knew of every letter that we had wrote back and forth. He was behind the whole thing. He drove all the way to my Dad's to invite them, without me even knowing. It was the craziest/best day of my life...well so far! My story might not be super romantic, but it was perfect for me. My fiance and I love to laugh and joke around. The way he went about it was incredible. I hope you enjoyed how I became engaged!

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