Monday, January 28, 2008

Britter and James' Engagement Story

Britter is a client of Circle City Planners. She is are Going Green gal. Her and James are getting married on May 17,2007. Here's their story told by Britter!

Well, mine wont be the most romantic, but probably the most caught off guard!

Jay and I have been together for almost 3 years. I have been on him about getting married for about 2 of them. I really started putting the heat on after I got a consolation ring last year for Christmas (which is amazing, and I also knew I would eventually get an engagement ring- so ultimately getting 2 rings, SCORE!) My subtlety wore off after a few months. I would make comments all the time. I would tape pictures of engagement rings on his steering wheel, on his pillow, in his desk, in his wallet. I even programmed my personal jeweler's name into his phone. I started wearing him down over the summer. I just knew this was my guy, the guy. I guess the saying of when you know its forever, you want forever to start right then! - very true in my case. We started talking more and more about it, he finally told me it was OK to meet with my jeweler and pick out a ring. - just to find out how much he would need to budget and get some ideas. he wanted me to narrow it down to a few then let him decide which one and surprise me. The day my jeweler was coming over Jay decided to go golfing. Jay called to tell me he was just going to come over - I told him, he might want to circle the block a few times because Dave was coming over! He didn't hyperventilate, surprisingly, and said that was fine and he would meet with him too. I got a bottle of wine ready for him and he was good to go. We ended up designing a ring. We had a very busy fall. We were traveling all over the place. Charlotte, Chicago , New York , and a few weddings around the state. I thought maybe it would be at a college friend's wedding (or after to not take away from the bride). No ring. I thought it would be at my best friend's birthday party in Chicago , with all my girlfriends from college. No Ring. This whole time I knew he had the ring, because Dave had called to tell me it was done (he switched our cells). So i knew Jay had it. Which drove me bonkers!! He had planned on moving in in November, and I told him we had to be engaged before that, so I knew it had to be sometime in the fall. I thought it might be New York , but then our families wouldn't be there to celebrate with us, then i thought it was too predictable. So I was watching around every corner. The morning we were supposed to leave for New York he woke me up at 4:41 AM, I am very asleep. He was shaking me, saying Babe, wake up, wake up, i have something for you. My response, "I am sleeping" We had an early flight and I had 19 more minutes of sleep, and by golly I was going to get them. He persists, I have something I want you to take with you to New York . I told him my suitcase was at the end of the bed. I finally opened my eyes, and he was saying some really nice things...I am thinking to myself he went to the Colts game last night he must still be drunk...and he better have his suitcase packed. I hear, Britter, WILL YOU MARRY ME? At the same time he opens the box. Now, it is pitch black in the room and all i can see is blue and white flashing lights. (I am thinking - He and my dad got me a Superbowl replica ring!...) I didn't even care!! Stunned I was silent for about 2 seconds when i just started screaming YES, YES! YES! YES!, OH MY GOSH YES! YES! It was pandemonium as we cried, and kissed. I told him to turn the light on so i could see the ring. It wasn't a Superbowl ring, it was the one that I had dreamt about forever, perfection. The dogs were officially freaked out. I called my mom - i don't know how (mother's intuition), but she got the message to come over right now! The rest of the day was champagne, an applause from the plane, more champagne, flowers waiting at the hotel, and a limo ride around New York City for a few hours. He had to surprise me and he knew I would be looking for it all weekend, so that was the only way he could think of me not expecting it, and also the night before he had asked my dad for my hand. He said he was so excited he couldn't sleep, and he also did not want to be Ben Stiller from Meet the Parents and lose the ring in transit. Oh yea, the blue and white flashing lights - it was the box the jeweler gave him he loves the colts so he thought it was funny!...... and That is how Jay engaged me!


Anonymous said...

sounds like her hard work paid off, got engaged and designed her own ring from her own personal jeweler

Kyleigh said...

Thanks for writing this.