Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Inspiration Tuesday New Year's Eve Party

Amidst all of the preparations and celebration of the holiday season such questions come to mind as, "What am I going to do on New Year's Eve," and, "What am I going to wear?"
How great would it be to have the answers to these questions provided to you by a fortune teller who arrives at your home with a small crystal ball that would help you see the future. Inside the crystal ball would be a small invitation inviting you to the party of the year. In addition to the necessary information, you would be instructed to wear clothes in variations of black and/or white.
The night of the event you would make your way down a white carpet amidst mimes and various other street performers to the black velvet drapes you will pass through to enter the event.
As you enter the room, you will immediately take notice of the funhouse mirrors which encircle the room. These mirrors will be enhanced with the addition of dramatic chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the soft glow of countless candles. These candles would be displayed on simple black and white stands and/or holders.
Throughout the room would be a series of food and beverage stations to choose from. The array of heavy hors d'oeuvres and desserts would be presented on pristine white serving dishes, mirrors or black enamel trays and bowls. Each food station would be paired with a signature drink such as Black Russians and White Russians.
All evening long those in attendance would have the chance to visit with a variety of fortune tellers and palm readers, etc. who might be able to offer some insight into the year ahead.
Later in the evening an elaborate dessert display would be unveiled featuring an lavish array of sinful truffels and mousse and decadent creme brulee to name a few. All of these treats would be paired with rich Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Martinis made with Godiva liqueurs.
Beginning at 11:00 PM, service staff dressed entirely in black with faces painted white would begin passing around a myriad of hats, beads and noisemakers for guests to don in anticipation of the midnight hour. Mere moments before midnight, strategically placed plasma televisions would come to life with live coverage of the action in Times Square. The service staff would then begin presenting each guest with glasses of crisp champagne and sparkling cider.
As the countdown begins and the New Year officially arrives the lights would begin to flash, confetti would begin to fall, the band would play Auld Lang Syne and you would receive that traditional first kiss of the new year.
The rest of the evening would be spent involved in fantastic conversation with new and old acquaintances or cutting a rug to the sounds of the band on the black and white checked dance floor.
When the last glass of champagne had been drunk and the band had finished their final encore you would make your way back to the velvet curtain where a small buffet of popular comfort food would await. You would have the opportunity to fill black and white take home boxes with your favorite items for the ride home.
As you step inside your taxi or limo you would be struck by the fun of the evening and the possibility of the year to come. After all, when a year begins and ends in this could you go wrong?
From all of us at Circle City Planners, "May everyone have a HAPPY and SAFE New Year!


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using black and white as the theme. It makes things so much easier and FUN if you pick a color and stick to it when hosting a party!

Anonymous said...

I love your idea too. Next year CCP should host this party and have the local newpapers cover it!