Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inspiration Tuesday - Engagement Party

Tis the season of cold, snow and ice. Tis also the time of year for diamond rings and proposals. So after you have said YES why not throw an engagement party and celebrate with friends and family. If you're like me, you love the first snowfall but after that I'm ready for warmer weather. At your engagement party throw a themed luau and get your guests to stop thinking about the cold weather for a few hours. You can decorate with tiki torches and a bamboo bar. Use bold colors: hot pinks; vibrate blues, bright oranges and reds. For centerpieces- use wishing bowls filled with sand and seashells. Always have your food and drinks carry through with the theme of your event. Serve jerk chicken on skewers, bacon wrapped scallops and other Caribbean favorites. You could even have a fruit display with a carving of your and your fiancé's name. Have bartenders blend fruity drinks and serve them in unusual glasses. You could also name the drinks. Another nice touch would be to display pictures of the both of you and if pictures were captured the night of the engagement frame those up too for everyone to see. And finally best way to follow through on a luau theme engagement party is of course a destination wedding! But you will have to take Circle City Planners along just to make sure everything goes as planned!

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Anonymous said...

This centerpiece is very interesting. It's that time of year to throw those engagement parties. Loving the warmth and the food ideas!