Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday!!

I’m getting geared up for a great wedding weekend with three lovely brides! If the weather holds up, I’m sure they will be spending a lot of the day outdoors. As spring sets in, warmer temperatures are here to stay and as a bride, it’s important to consider how the weather affects your bouquets for the wedding.

When taking pictures outside, keep in mind that your bouquet is both out of water and in warm temperatures. Not all flowers are sensitive to drought and heat, but it’s a good idea to limit exposure to the sun and warmth as much as possible. Consider taking the majority of your outdoor photos without your bouquets. Save the last 45 minutes to an hour for fun floral shots.

*You cannot take a bouquet and stick it in a vase for it to take up water. The stems must be re-cut in order to drink, EACH time it is removed from water. So, again, if your photo session is several hours prior to your ceremony, keep the bouquet inside, in water, till you absolutely need it. It’s not just heat that will cause wilting, long durations of being out of water are just as damaging, so try not to have your bouquets delivered any more than 3 hours prior to your ceremony.

*Choosing the right flowers for the time of year is very important. Flowers such as hydrangea, tulips (any bulb flower), anemone, and certain types of roses and lilies can wilt very easily, especially in the heat. If being outdoors is important to you, you should consider choosing heartier flowers like cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, carnations, and tropical flowers.

*It’s not just your flowers that are sensitive to heat and drought. Consider your bridal party and your guests when you are going outdoors for the big day. How about using brightly colored parasols for your pictures instead of bouquets? Have fun paper fans do double duty as your programs for the ceremony. Most importantly, have lots of bottled water on hand for anyone who might need it.

Adding fabulosity to your florals, Tiffany

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