Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cincinnati Trip!

It’s almost Earth Day and I am very excited about being on television tomorrow! I have always been passionate about "being green", especially being a part of such a nature inspired business! Being "green" is all about giving back to the Earth, but I'd like to talk about giving back to each other. Few industries are really designed in such a way that your competitors are your friends. In fact, I can not think of any other than industry than ours! The "LOVE" business is really all about learning, teaching, growing, assisting, and inspiring others in our field. Last week, Tonya and I had the opportunity to go to Cincinnati to the Association of Bridal Consultants conference. Tonya was there to share her gift for "Finding Your Niche" in this market, and I was there to learn. We talked about internships that are really a must for the event planning world, and it amazed me that people actually provide internships to mentor their future competitors!!! I was blessed with meeting a fabulous designer at this conference, Kevin Ford, owner of Ford-Ellington Wedding Event and Design. He took an hour of his time to give me a tour of the grandest venue in Cincinnati (where he does many events each year), and gave me advice on how to run my consultations better. He also gave me advice on how to buy more accurately, where to get amazing rentals, and many other ideas to better run our business. I was also able to offer him a different perspective on some areas he needed to improve upon as well. He has graciously extended an opportunity for me to come out and shadow him and his staff on one of his events this summer. I am feeling very blessed that I met this man, along with feeling blessed to be part of an industry where giving back to each other is at the forefront. No other for profit business can be as defined as a giving community. As we celebrate our Earth this week, let us also celebrate each other, celebrate our passion for what we do, and celebrate our LOVE for being in the LOVE business!!!!

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