Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary Randi & Whitney!

Happy Anniversary to Randi and Whitney!! One year this weekend, boy how time flies. So I have to share with you my story about Randi! I’ve known Randi now for a little over two years, what a sweet girl. I helped her design her wedding and pull all the details together for her special day. I laugh because Randi and Whitney are the tallest couple I have ever known in my entire life. Every time they would come into the office, I would have to get on tip toes just to give them a hug (that was even with my high heels on!). The wedding was so beautiful, she was absolutely stunning (see the pictures, WOW), but our story continued. Randi knew she just loved planning her wedding and was a bit sad when it was over. After her special day was over, she decided to take my wedding planning course I offered last summer. I was NOT surprised when she found herself loving every minute and eating up the design part of planning. She was truly a natural at those checklists (that is the teacher in her). After the class was over, that is when my big AHA moment happened! Why not ask her to come on staff here at CCP and be my assistant at my events. Needless to say, the rest is history and Circle City Weekenders was born. Randi now runs our weekend division helping brides pull all of those last minute details together. She loves it and now is going to be working on a more full-time basis for us here at CCP. We are so thankful for her talents and Whitney’s patience as she transitions out of one career into this new one. I’m sure you have seen the cute pictures of this amazing couple, now what’s the next chapter for her? Rumor has it maybe BABIES?! Thanks Randi and Whitney for coming into our lives! Happy Anniversary to you!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

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Love ya T!! Thanks for bringing back the wonderful memories and the journey to where we are today:)Randi