Friday, April 9, 2010

Glam Up Your Wedding Day Look Like the Stars Do

Thanks to industry image stylists and consultants, many celebrities have learned to accentuate the positive using glam tips regarding hair, color and fashion style in order to put their best face and foot forward. On your wedding day, you will be the celebrity. Glam Up Your Wedding Day Look Like the Stars Do, and shine like a star.

  • Know Your Body Type - Accentuate the positive! Play up your best feature. Ball gowns work best on body shape types that have a narrow waist and nicely prominent hips. Empire, A-Line and T-Length gowns and dresses compliment most body shapes, and flows away from the body to form a slight “A” figure. From the full-figure to the petite, these styles are classic, and commonly accommodating. The Mermaid or Fishtail gown is typically well fitting, and best suits body shapes with small busts and small waists, while enhancing the hips. Many gowns look beautiful on the hanger. But finding the one that shows off your assets while detracting from the areas you’d rather not accentuate, is the one that will cause jaws to drop, and will leave an indelible mark on your guests.

  • Select Your Suitable Color - Wear colors in tones that are suggestive of your day, classy, glamorous, sexy, modern, contemporary, or traditional. While you want to wear colors that polish your pretty, the tone helps to give you more flexibility. Coordinating complimentary colors adds impact.

  • Wedding Hairstyle – Ensure that your coiffe compliments (not conflicts with) your entire profile and style, (ie. your gown, makeup and face structure).

  • Wedding Vintage Flair, Classic Style in 2010 – This season’s bridal fashions transcend time and dictate the current trend, and have many brides opting for vintage-inspired gowns, and accessories. The look is the look of glamour and haute couture, as seen on the runway and in celebrity weddings these days. Be creative, resourceful and frugal by shopping boutiques, vintage and consignment shops. Don’t rule out great purchases at exclusive designer houses for unique fashions. Whatever your budget, shoe-string, or unlimited, these options are sure to satisfy your fashion flair and style palette.

  • Putting Your Good Foot Forward- It is just as important to make sure that your shoes fit properly, and are as comfortable as they are fabulous. They ought to be comfortable enough for you to walk around in for a few hours without compromising good foot health. There is nothing worse than seeing someone dressed beautifully, but walking like they are on hot coals because of aching feet. Foot health is very important. Be kind to your feet and they will be kind to you. Alternatively, you can slip into more comfortable wedding slippers at the reception, after your wedding planner bustles your gown, altered with the shoe adjustment in mind. A good wedding planner will help you with these options. Likewise, if you plan to change your attire later on during the reception, you may want apply these healthy tips so that you can dance the night away!

  • Star Quality Bride - Own your look, your style, your flair and your aura. Polish your inner self by praying, eating right, drinking plenty of water regularly, exercising, and getting plenty of rest while enjoying your engagement. It will cause you to glow outside, as it will inwardly promote fitness and a healthy attitude with star-like qualities. Live healthy and glamorous and you will shine like a star on your big day, and everyday.

Wishing you LIFE and LOVE,

Wanda Williamson

Wedding and Life Celebration Consultant

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