Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding Planner in Training: Week Two

Meet Megan: The CCP Intern

The past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about how everything I’m doing and learning at CCP coordinates with what I have been learning in college. As a student in Events Management, I love the internship part of the degree because it’s real hands-on learning. In class I learn the basics and the technical aspects of running an event. But, in the internship I’m doing much more and have the chance to really get involved in the process and the business. I already know that most of my learning will come from being here and that school was just getting me ready for that. You can’t be successful just by reading books, so get out there and experience it!

I have always been an organized person with a little creativity, but one of my goals is to strengthen my creativity so that I can better myself in the design aspect of wedding planning. So far my favorite part of being an intern at Circle City Planners is the design boards. Each week I’m given a color palate or style from which I put together pictures and ideas for the décor. Then, when a client wants a visual of their perfect wedding they can look at these design boards for inspiration. It’s the “look book” of weddings. This year one of the hot colors is teal, which I love! These design boards are helping me to grasp the style of CCP and to get my own creative juices flowing. Below is an example of a design inspiration board from This is what we create for our clients using their color scheme and wedding style.

I’m learning so much already here and I feel like this is just the beginning of a great summer of experiencing the wedding industry. In the midst of all of the to-do lists, tasks, and errands which people would normally consider tedious work, I am noticing that I still enjoy doing these things because this job is fun for me. I can’t wait to do more, especially when I’ll be starting to work my first events in the next couple weeks. It’s an amazing feeling to be doing something you enjoy and to wish you had more time to for it. We should all be doing something we love and I’m on my way there!

Keep tuning in as I share my experience as a Planner in Training with all of you!

Live your passion!

Meg, the intern

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