Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ritz Charles Bridal Seminar

On Thursday, April 30th Tonya and I attended the Ritz Charles Bridal Seminar. Well, not only did we attend Tonya was the guest speaker!!! This is FUN evening for Ritz brides where they get to come in and taste all the wonderful food the Ritz offers as well as sample some tasting cocktails!!! Brides also have the chance to meet some great vendors as well. Tonya was a little nervous before she spoke but is was nothing that a couple of drinks couldn't handle. This seminar was focused on "Insider tips on how to have a Stress FREE Wedding Day" We broke it up into 4 parts: The week before, The Dress Rehearsal,The Wedding Day and Wedding Hangover. During the Wedding Day, Tonya spoke about not forgetting to Thank your parents. She said something to the effect of And Brides don't forget about your parents as your riding off in the horse & carriage. You need to Thank them. You need to hug them and kiss and thank them. And I don't know what came over the BOTH of us but we both started to get emotional. If you never heard Tonya speak, she's really good. And I think its because I know her so well and I know how passionate she is I think that's why we both started to cry. Check out the pictures. Erin Hession did a FABULOUS job photographing the event.
If you would like to purchase your copy of "Insider Tips, How to have a Stress FREE Wedding Day" email Tonya at or myself . We have audio and video versions available.

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