Monday, May 11, 2009

Gina and Scott

Gina and Scott from Tonya Shadoan on Vimeo.

Gina and Scott
May 9, 2009
Crowne Plaza Hotel

Gina and Scott, my Georgia couple, were married this weekend on Mother’s Day weekend. What a cute couple! The ceremony went off without a hitch on this gorgeous May Saturday the 9th. The reception took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Of course, the room d├ęcor was so refreshing and beautiful. Gina knew the soft, elegant touch she was after from the very beginning. Using soft champagne, white, and accents of green were the perfect touch. I love the look of the orchids in the tall centerpieces and the romantic feel of all the candles, way to go Julie. The couple had a blast while they went to the Circle and Lucas Oil for some amazing Jessica Strickland shots. Check out the blog later this week for those photos (right Jess?)J Brian Whitis mixed it up with his tunes as the girls filled the dance floor. I loved the special touches Gina added to make the wedding her own. She had cute little jars of Peach preserves from Georgia and a personalized monogram in the middle of the dance floor. The best part of the wedding were all the couples who have been married for such a long time. Her parents celebrated their 36th year of marriage, Scott’s mom and dad have been married for a long time, and there was one couple there who have been married for 50 years. WOW, that’s amazing.

Here is my first attempt (I know a little rough for the first go round, right Bob?) with my new HD flip camera. I thought it would be cool to capture the moment. Plus I love this Tim McGraw song, it makes me cry everytime. Seems like I’m always having a happy cry when I do weddings. Gotta love this biz.

Wedding Love and Hugs,


Bob said...

Way to go, Tonya! We'll make a formidable competitor out of you yet. ;) Actually, that's a great idea to make these - just one more way to go above and beyond like you always do for the couples who otherwise don't have video. Congrats to the couple and Happy Mother's Day to YOU! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love it! Tonya, this is wonderful! Thanks VERY much for capturing another part of the day that I wouldn't have thought anyone videoed. I love the way you included all the little details that are so important to Gina.

I really appreciate all that you did on Saturday. You have a way of directing the day that helps it run sooo smoothly. Thanks for doing all the "running" and "background" work to insure everyone was where they should be, when they should be. We had an absolutly perfect day - and are still recovering.

Gina and Scott called from the Atlanta airport on Monday morning still suffering from a "happiness hangover" and looking forward to their honeymoon! They sounded incredibly happy.

Thanks for the video and for all that you did to make this day "peachy"!
Many thanks,


Guido Borgnini said...


Is there any way you can send me the Gina & Scott video that you took as an attachment to an e-mail ? There are a couple people here in my office that would like to see it & our filters @ work do not allow access to media sites like Vimeo .

You did a great job last weekend . You know I'm not into weddings like my wife & daughter ( heard that before ?) but I thought the entire reception was about as comfortable & accomodating as any I have ever attended .

Thanks again , Guido