Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Ashlee!

CCD Intern: Week One

I have only worked one weekend so far, however, I think I might have picked the right, most chaotic, busiest weekend EVER to start my internship. This past weekend CCD had three weddings all on Saturday and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous for the challenge. However, Tiffany and Carrie make it easy and allowed me to catch on and jump right on board in the design business. The first task I took on was helping with the centerpieces for Jocelyn's wedding, which let me tell you might have been the COOLEST flowers and arrangements I had ever seen. I had my first experience wiring and taping roses, which we came to find out I need a lot more practice in taping. I am looking forward to the many many weddings ahead of me this summer and really hope to learn everything there is to know about CCD from Tiffany.

As Megan said in last weeks blog, Diva Live is this weekend and Tonya will be sharing all her knowledge on weddings with everyone. The other CCD intern, Stacy, and myself had the honor of picking out the necessities to finish the table decorating contest. Although neither of us knew exactly what chargers were and whether we should choose gold or silver. Once we did figure it out, it was so fun being able to choose everything from candles to menu cards for the event. I am really excited for Diva Live and to learn so much from Tonya this weekend! I will make sure that we let everyone know how the event goes this week and take many cool pictures!

Ashlee, CCD Intern

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