Monday, May 17, 2010

The Griffin's

Leslie and Brian

May 14, 2010

Indiana State Museum

YAY!!! I had my first wedding of my wedding season on Friday!!! I was super excited for this one. Leslie and Brian are a wonderful couple!!! I was so lucky to get to work with them. Both the ceremony and reception were at the State Museum. The ceremony was outside!!! My prayers were answered when it DIDN'T rain. Leslie really wanted to have the ceremony outside and I told her that I would do everything in my power to make it happen, so THANK YOU wedding gods! Everything was perfect... right up until the mothers walked aisle. There was a gust of wind and the wedding arch fell over!!! Weddings aren't perfect they never are but with some quick thinking I was able to fix the problem. We grabbed the ushers and had them hold the arch so it would tip over again. Everything was back on track. Then came my favorite part, Leslie and her dad walked down the grand staircase!! Oh it was magical! Just thinking about it I get chills!!!
The dining room was so much fun!! The centerpieces were cakes from Sunshine Bakery. There were 3 different designs and each design was a different flavor (strawberry was my favorite). Brian Whitis was the DJ and he rocked the dance floor. Morgan Matters captured photos the entire day. Brandon and Cybil caught all on the special moments on film. Erica at the State Museum was FABULOUS. And Kara from AVI catering was wonderful. What a GREAT dream team. Thank you to everyone for making last Friday so special for Leslie and Brian. The couple is honeymooning in Hawaii right now.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much everyone! Everything went great, and Brian and I had a blast at our wedding. It was so much fun! We'll say a toast to you with our next Mai tais. :-)

Love the blog, Darcie! Love the first few pics, Morgan!

Leslie and Brian

Carole Phaneuf said...

OMG! These first few pictures are really beautiful! No matter that beautiful people and beautiful venues help a photographer - this one is top notch!!! Can't wait to see the entire collection of the photos. I especially loved Leslie coming down the staircase with her Dad and the smaller cakes as centerpieces!!! They looked awesome. I am only so sorry that I could not attend this fabulous wedding. I don't know Leslie, but I do know Brian and his family. They are great friends and just wonderful people! I think Leslie is a very lucky woman to be joined with this special family :)