Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When one of our dogs got poisoned by someone I had to have another one. I gave it a lot of thought and realized that I wanted a little dog. I needed something I could cuddle with. After I searched for a few weeks, I found out that my father had Yorkie puppies. I called him and he gave me one for Christmas!

Ever since I have gotten Lizzie she goes everywhere with me and is always on my lap! She is a very sweet dog and we all love her so much!


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@Sandytables said...

OMG, how adorable is this puppy!
I'm sorry I missed you at the Art of the table this year. Evidently I upset some planners and maybe others did too by posting pics of last year's event on their blog. On mine I was specifically asking anybody who knew who was responsible for the tables to please contact me. I found them on my daughters camera way after the event and didn't have the brochure to figure out who's table was who's. I'm sorry if I posted any pics of yours without asking and if I did I would love to know which table was yours so that I could give you the credit. I went back after the show this year and deleted any pics I had off of my blog and posted an apology. I just don't understand why anyone who read my blog wouldn't contact me and say "Hey that table is mine."I would have loved for planners to do that instead of grumble behind my back. I am sure you are not one of the planners that got upset because I can tell it is not in your nature but I wanted to apologize anyway and if I knew which table was yours last year if I have pics I would love to repost them with your contact information. My daughter told me yours this year was the one with the tree when you first walked in. I loved that originality and I wish I had had the time to look at it longer but my group I was with was rushing through the thing without me and I was not getting to relax and enjoy the event or look at what I wanted to. They were disappointed with the show this year and were in a hurry to leave. I'm sorry for writing a book with this comment and believe me I don't want you to post it. I just wanted to apologize if I had posted your pictures without permission. I hope you will forgive me if I did. Thanks for listening to me ramble and relieve some of the guilt I feel for upsetting anybody at the show last year. Sincerely, Sandy