Monday, March 8, 2010

ALL my babies: Ally, Izzy, Joe & Teddy

Ally was rescued by Animal Control this summer from a home with over 50 cats in downtown Indy. She was only a few months old and extremely neglected. She was taken to a high kill shelter, but because of her sweet, cuddly disposition a volunteer at the shelter contacted a cat rescue group. She was rescued and put up for adoption at Pet Smart. On an August afternoon, I stopped in at that very Pet Smart to pick up dog food. I really had no intention of getting a kitty that day, but I am a sucker for those adorable little faces and pleading eyes behind those cage bars. I turned down the aisle towards the “cattery” and locked eyes with a pair of golden yellow eyes. She was tiny! Her little paw reached out for me and that was it.

I found Izzy over 4 years ago when the local humane society was featuring adoptable dogs outside my neighborhood grocery store. She was only 3 months old then and looking for a warm lap to sleep in. She had been turned over to the shelter because of her “feisty” personality. I soon found out Izzy thinks she is Queen Isabella, quite the little diva. She refuses to eat dog food, but will consider it as long as there is parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. She absolutely will not touch wet grass, insists on sitting in the front seat of the car and demands her daily walks, to keep her figure of course!

We found Joe at Anderson Animal Care and Control. As you can see from his before picture, he was very emaciated. He had a terrible case of kennel cough as well as fleas; he was absolutely pathetic and on his way to being euthanized that weekend. Luckily, we showed up on Friday, just before closing time. With a little love and lots of care, Joe has become a loving, sweet lapdog. He loves to go through the Starbucks drive thru. He has many friends there who spoil him with “puppy lattes” (a sample cup filled with whip cream)!

Tom and I found Teddy in the good hands of the people at the Humane Society of Hamilton County. He was brought there by Animal Control along with his sister this November. They were found wandering the streets together completely emaciated, freezing and terrified. His sister was adopted right away, but Ted needed time to gain confidence. He is my shadow now, never leaving my side and a total cuddle bug. His ears are scarred from fly bites (we are telling ourselves that’s all they are!) and starts shaking when the vacuum comes out of the closet, but he loves Ally, our cat, and cuddles with her. Ted is a huge Colts fan and loved getting to curl up on the couch with us, as we watched the season unfold!


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