Monday, March 2, 2009

Circle City Planners goes to Hollywood!

OMG, so Darcie and I took a leap of faith and went out to the 1st ever ROCKSTAR WEDDING PLANNERS conference in Manhattan Beach, CA

The trip started out in Beverly Hills where I won a lunch at the IVY (where all the celebs hang out with 5 other planners and my mentor Ciara D. from Canada. I was able to go in CHANNEL and look around and shop at the SURLY GIRL store ( love that place) High End. High Maintenance, who me? Trying hard to ignore all of the Mercedes and BMW that kept approaching valet, I kept my eye out the entire time for a celeb. The only one we saw was Kim Kardashian’s mom. WOW! After lunch, we grabbed this great picture in front of the IVY! I walked over to meet the owner of the BRIDAL BAR Harmony. You have to check out this site, what a cool concept. I wish Indianapolis would start something like this. Kendra, from the playboy mansion, is planning her wedding along side the Bridal Bar. What a great resource for inspirations, PROMISE YOU!

Starting day 1 of the conference, we had so many great moments. Our matching notebooks were filled with tons of new ideas and felt refreshed, ready to come home to share. I was ready to tackle the world. During lunch, we met the owner of Wild Flower Linen, Youngsong Martin, and was able to see the latest and greatest from her collection. Some of items are so new that they aren’t even available to rent. That was amazing to meet her (see our picture). That night I was selected to be in the hot seat. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But right before I was up for the hot seat, my business idol Ali Brown ( walked into the room. I felt like I wanted to get up and tell her how much she has changed my life. Right before I walked up on stage, she pointed to my shoes and asked me where I got them. That was my celebrity moment in LA. J The hot seat really made me emotional, but also made me realize I love my business. Everyday is so new and exciting, no day is alike. If you don’t believe me ask my assistant, Laurenne. She never knows what she’s going to get herself into.

Day 2 was just as exciting as I decided to join the LEGENDS mastermind group, so it’s official I’m a ROCKSTAR WEDDING PLANNER. This was a big decision, but I’m so excited about my journey for the next year it’s going to be an adventurous ride.

That night instead of attending the VIP party, Darcie and I decided we had to go to Hollywood to see all of the hype from the Academy Awards. Check out our FACEBOOK video of Darcie walking the REAL red carpet. It was amazing. We had drinks at the Roosevelt Hotel (MTV The Hills is filmed there), walked the red carpet, and watch all the TV crews find the perfect spot. Once in a lifetime opportunity and only $75 each way by cab.

The last day, we had to discover what Manhattan Beach was all about. We actually went down to the pier and started working. But you have to remember to us, working is FUN! We love our jobs.

Hope you enjoy all the new pictures, I know this is a long one.

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