Friday, March 6, 2009

Fabulous Night At Crowne Plaza!

Last night was one of my favorite days of the year, THE CROWNE PLAZA SHOW. This is our second time presenting at this show. It’s an exclusive show where the best of the best in the city come to showcase their talents and get to mingle with the brides. On top of the showcase, we design 5 different tables to show off our designing talents. Thanks to Darcie we were able to really pull off some great, hot new looks. And my favorite part of this show is they allow me to come in and present a topic of my choice. WOW, these people actually sit and listen to my presentation. I love it. I love public speaking, I have to tell you it might be in my top 10 of favorite things to do. Anyway with all the media playing up the economy, I thought I would entertain my brides by discussing ways to save money while designing and decorating your wedding HENCE, the LUXE WEDDINGS ON TODAY’S BUDGET was born. Some exciting news I have to share with you is we are now selling the audio (60 minutes) and the video segment from the presentation to anyone who is interested. The greatest thing about this product is the price. For $27.00 you can purchase the 60 minute audio and save hundreds even thousands of dollars by listening to my tips! That’s amazing. The products will soon by online, but in the mean time you can email my assistant Laurenne for more information (

Special thanks to all my friends: Julie from Royal Creations, Megan, Cambrie, Jen from the Crowne (my peeps), Bob from Indy Visual, Dawn from Galleria Studios, Jennifer Driscoll from Jennifer Driscoll Photography, Jen from Card Inc, Brian from Brian Whitis Entertainment, and Chef Randy the exective chef at the Crowne (the best food in the city). And to everyone in the industry that just came out to support us, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are ever bored, just ask me to come over and give you a formal presentation. I enjoy speaking in front of anyone who will listen and look half way entertained (pets, small children, the eldery, your mom)

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