Wednesday, March 25, 2009


March 21, 2009
Kevin and Jill
It’s a girl (or soon to be in 6 weeks). Another CCP first………………

Mike and I were invited to attend our first client’s BABY SHOWER. Kevin and Jill were married in St. Kitts 2 years ago in April. Boy how time flies. Now she is due in 6 weeks, look at how amazing she looks. Just a little bump. So needless to say when we received the invitation for the shower, we had to RSVP right away. Jill and I go to lunch from time to time, we’ve been out to dinner with our husbands, and Kevin sold us the prettiest bar you’ve ever seen for our newly remodeled bar room. I have to say it’s the nicest piece of furniture in our house. Check out Watson’s now Family Leisure at for the best bar furniture and pool tables. Okay, Kevin I gave you a plug J just kidding. Jen Foley (the Watson girl) hosted the party and my what a great job she did. Of course, I notice all the décor and theme at any event. It’s a bad habit of mine. It got a thumbs up. The french champagne was amazing especially with the gourmet pink sprinkled cupcakes. With the Purdue game on, the boys hung out downstairs while the girls watched Jill open presents. Look at all those presents, so many cute things. I remember all those little socks, I always lost one during my outings. I want to thank Jill and Kevin for keeping in touch and inviting us to see everyone again from the wedding. I cherish our friendship and can’t wait to see this new bundle of joy. They claim they don’t have a name, but she was never good at lying! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you.

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