Thursday, February 26, 2009

Columbia Club Show

What a nice evening at the Columbia Club. AJ decided to invite his clients to a fun evening to enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. The MAIN EVENT was the dancing toward the end of the show. It was cute to see couple’s up there learning to dance. I love to see a couple perform a lovely, choreographed dance for their first dance as husband and wife. That is something you will always remember and always use in years to come. That is my only regret from my wedding planning, I didn’t take dance lessons. The only dancing my husband did at our wedding was the WORM (I’m not kidding).

Besides the dancing, the food was amazing. My favorite vendors were there representing their talents. My first stop was Tanya’s booth asking for extra icing on my cake. I was starving that’s why you see so many pictures of the food. But the displays blew my mind away. The details…..their new executive chef Kevin really out did himself tonight. Bob from Indy Visual allowed me to test my camera for the perfect picture, with or without a flash, that was the question. Jennifer Driscoll had the prettiest guest book of my tall, cute couple Randi and Whitney. Jim Cerone acted as the MC for the evening. JP Parker had an amazing rose display (check it out), Lee from Chair Covers was there covering everything, and Jack from Antique Limo had his display to share with all. I told him he needed to put his antique limo in the middle of the 3rd floor Crystal Terrace.

Thanks AJ for inviting us, what a fun evening. We were able to connect with new brides and visit with our current clients and their families. Now if only my husband would have been there to take the dance lessons I’ve been waiting on for 12 years (really 18 years).

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