Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amanda and Alex's Wedding

Alex and Amanda were married on January 24, 2009. Amanda loves snow and the cold weather. Her girls were true troopers out in the freezing cold temperatures. They all looked so cute, of course, I was biased mostly because they were my sorority sisters PHI MU. There is always a bond amongst sisters even if you don’t graduate the same year. Once again there were many firsts at this wedding I will treasure. This is probably the number one reason why I love my job; witnessing the firsts.

When I arrived on site before the special moment I noticed tons of cars in the parking lot. Then we figured out it was BOP TO THE TOP. These crazy people climb 36 floors all the way to the top of the AUL building. Sometimes people do it two or three times. What?! Two or three times, I would pass out. Other than the unexpected crowds we were able to get our vendors to the top without climbing 36 floors to the amazing newly renovated SKYLINE CLUB. I love this club, it’s the best kept secret in Indianapolis. We love it so much that Darcie and I took our husbands there last weekend for a special dinner, thanks Traci. See the pictures I captured of the State House and the new Lucas Oil Stadium from the bar. I can’t wait to see Morgan’s pictures (Morgan Matters Photography) these were taken with my camera.

The magical, private moment went off without a hitch, except my guys did get stuck in the elevator! We moved outside for some great, COLD shots. My favorite shot of the day was taken by Kissing Lane (so cute); you have to see this one. Moving onto the Indiana State House the ceremony formal shots were all taken prior to the ceremony. I love when brides do this; it takes the pressure off the photographer, family members, bride and groom, bridal party, wedding coordinator, and everyone else involved. PLUS the most important thing is the bride and groom get to spend a moment ALONE. When does that ever happen? The ceremony was perfect, even if I have to pat my team on the back. It was great! The pictures are amazing in that building. Oh my first I forgot to mention…….the BAT. Yes, I said BAT. There was a lovely bat in the building flying around the chairs waiting for the guests to arrive. Luckily my brave groomsmen came up with a plan and actually captured it. Yes, they caught it and then released it outside. Now I’ve released butterflies before but never a BAT! That is definitely a first for me!

The horse and carriage was outside waiting for the bride and groom to take them to the circle for those magical pictures. Moving the guests over to the bar for cocktail hour went according to the plan. The bridal party was so excited to have a private room with wait staff to serve them drinks and appetizers, what a treat. After the guests were escorted into the main dining room by dinner chimes, the formal announcements began by Jeremy with DJ’s Direct. Amanda loved the florals thanks to Julie and the room looked amazing. I love the new atmosphere at the club. Fantastic! I have to say it was so sweet to be included in the welcome speech, thanks Alex.

My other first was when I was able to serenade my bride with my fellow sorority sisters. How cool! I almost started to cry. Thank you for the memories, I will truly miss Amanda and Alex. I know they had a great time in St. Lucia. FUN IN THE SUN……


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