Friday, April 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding Countdown!

EVERYONE is talking about the Royal Wedding! It's a mere 7 days away and we just CAN'T WAIT to see it! So many unanswered questions still remain...Whose dress will she wear? What flowers will she carry? What food will they serve? What famous people will attend? I'll be watching it live from my laptop on The Royal Channel at 5 AM (EST)!

Being a princess is part of every girl's dream growing up, and now I get to see a real life princess in the making! Waiting 7 more days in anticipation of the wedding industry's BIGGEST event is just going to kill me!

Here's what we know. The world's largest procession begins on April 29th, at 10 am, ending at Westminster Abbey for the ceremony to begin in front of a mere... 2000 guests! The Archbishop of Canterbury will perform the ceremony at approximately 11 am. The big question is, will she include the word "OBEY" in her vows? Following strict British Tradition, the ceremony vows have not changed at all in hundreds of years, save one exception. In 1980, the vow ending, "to love, cherish and obey your husband" was allowed to be changed. Princess Diana omitted the word from her vows, and I presume Kate will do the same.

A 650 guest reception will be hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace, and a later reception will presumably be hosted by Prince Charles for approximately 300 guests. At Buckingham Palace, guests shouldn't expect a big meal. It is rumored that they will serve 10,000 appetizers and finger foods, champagne, and wedding cake as its only noshes.

Music will play a huge role in the day's events, with 2 choirs, a full orchestra, a league of trumpeters, the Fanfare Team for the Royal Airforce, and the royal harpist performing. Any number of musical performances will occur during the procession, and there is rumor that at an evening reception either James Blunt, Elton John, or Paul McCartney could be making an appearance! Music to my ears!

The dress.... The mystery dress we just can't wait to see!!!!! Did you know that the "tradition" of wearing white first came about after Queen Victoria did it nearly 171 years ago? First, rumors had Sophie Cranston (Libelula) creating it, she then denied it. Then it was Alexander McQueen's house, but alas....denials. It is likely the dress will white or ivory, be adorned with lace or pearls, and will have sleeves and a long train. Queen Elizabeth will likely give Kate a stunning tiara to go with her ensemble. I simply love that it's being kept a secret and I cannot wait to see it!

Supposedly, there are three florists involved in the royal wedding creations. It is tradition to include lily of the valley, gardenias, roses and delphinium in the classic, typically all white designs. The flowers used at the wedding will be left at Westminster Abbey for the public to view after the ceremony!!! Oh, how I wish I lived in England! What a dream to be able to create the future Princess Catherine's bridal bouquet! Goosebumps!

Let them eat cake! American's jaws dropped when we heard the royal couple was serving fruit cake at the wedding. Fiona Carns was selected to create this British tradition and has shared that Kate referred to the "Language of Flowers" when designing her cake. She wanted to include sugar flowers of specific types to reflect certain meanings. For example, Fiona Carns tells us she will be using roses (to represent happiness), oak and acorns (to represent strength and endurance), and lilies of the valley (to represent sweetness and humility) to decorate the cake. As a florist, I just LOVE that Kate was influenced by the symbolic meanings of flowers! Prince William has a sweet tooth of his own, and has requested a chocolate biscuit cake (another British tradition) be created by McVictie Cake Company to be served at the reception.

What do you buy a Prince? It is remarkable the impact Princess Diana had on global outreach and giving. This is a legacy she has left with her sons. Prince William and Kate Middleton have created a Charitable Gift Fund for their wedding honoring 5 different categories of those in need. There are several organizations listed under each category that each have special meaning to the Prince and future Princess, and certainly tug at the heart strings of us all. They encourage you to give to causes that support military and their families stationed all over the world, groups that help children have a voice, end bullying, create education, protect the arts and music, conserve the environment, help save endangered species, and provide support for ailing family members with terminal, critical and mental care needs that cannot be afforded. The list is endless, and the need for Prince William to carry on his mother's tradition far outweighed his desire to register for china :) Information about the couple's charities can be found on the Official Royal Wedding Website along with other information about the big day!

The Duchess of Cornwall will plant a tree at St. Mary's Church in Tetbury (near her home) in honor of the couple's nuptials. It is referred to as the "Wedding Cake" tree because it grows in white "tiers" and will surely grow strong and beautifully, just as the marriage will! Dawww, how sweet! Fun fact!.... Prince William, upon being married, will don a new title, honoring his "Duke-hood"....Queen Elizabeth gets to decide where the Prince will reside, thereby giving him his new title. No one knows where the Duke of "____" will live, but it could be Sussex.

As we all wait to see if Kate will toss the bouquet (rumor has it, she won't), or if Sir Elton John makes an appearance, people will be attending "Royal Wedding Viewing Parties" all across the world. TLC is prepped to host a HUGE shebang in Times Square with live coverage of the royal nuptials. Colbie Caillet will unleash her new single "I Do" right at the heart of the world's most exciting "I Do's" to date!! Can't wait!!!!


Atlanta Roofing said...

The Royal Wedding is just a week away, and at this point the interest surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton is beginning to reach a fever pitch. Franchises all over the world are getting into the spirit with Royal Wedding themed items that range from sweetly charming to utterly unique.

prasad said...

Princes Diana was a great princes everyone will say this she was kind hearted but she is no more now anyway we shall see Middleton will fulfill her role.