Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Being a house full of girls, we LOVE shoes!!!! We shop for shoes like it’s nobody’s business, and fashion trumps comfort EVERY TIME!!!! If you are girlie like us, you know those dogs can HURT after a day’s wear...but it’s always worth it to look good.

Sometimes planning your wedding can feel like that. Like you have been wearing a FABULOUS pair of you shoes, that are KILLING YOUR FEET! Let us help you take a load off.

At the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show this weekend, we are having a contest for the girl with the most adorable, wonderful, fashionable, most GLAMOUROUS pair of shoes. Email us a picture and tell us why they are your favorite, and we will post them on Facebook and let the critiquing begin!

Here’s the best part. The winner gets to have us PLAN THEIR WEDDING IN A DAY! Our event stylist and dream design team will spend the day with you and your fiance, helping you plan every single detail for the big day. We will brainstorm about food, wine, linens, chairs, lighting, flowers, seating charts, vendor selections, design elements, timelines, and how to bring YOU into your wedding day. Our design masterminds will have you sitting with your feet up, sipping champagne, feeling “WEDDING CONQUERED”.

The dog days ARE truly over for our lucky winner!!!! Can’t WAIT to see who it is!

P.S. Our CCPINK girls will celebrate with the lucky winner by having a SHOE SHOPPING CELEBRATION!!!! Nordstrom’s won’t know what hit em when we show up!

Join us on Facebook to keep your “feet” on the contest and find out details on our shoe shopping trip!


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