Monday, January 31, 2011

Diva Tip!!!! Check out Rent the Runway!

As girls, we are always on the prowl for that PERFECT outfit for the next big thing we are going to attend. Nothing we already have in our closet will EVER do! Cocktail party? Date night? Girls night out? All require new duds. Promise! But, if you are anything like me, that "new" outfit was for "one night only," and sat hanging in the closet for the rest of time. On to the next shopping trip!

BUT, when you hear you have to buy a new dress to be a bridesmaid for your friend, you know you dread it just a little. Shelling out hundreds of dollars for a dress "you can wear again and again" that you may or may not like is tough. And let's face it, you are NEVER going to wear that teal full length dress again!

Here's the cool part.....We found the perfect solution for both our shopping divas AND our brides who want to provide their girls with the most FAB fashion, at a fraction of the cost! As the bride, you can even shop for a cute rehearsal dinner dress, or the perfect "Little White Dress" to slip into after dinner...

This is the END of buying outfits and accessories that never make it out the door...the END of spending gobs of money on things you just don't need! Fashion at your fingertips for either the "I do's" or the "OMG I can't waits!"....

Click here to see how to RENT THE RUNWAY!

We aren't talking just everyday garb here....We are talking Bagdley Mischka, Dolce and Gabbana, and even Vera Wang. This site is for the SERIOUS DIVA. HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Here's how it works...You simply register online, select your dress, accessories, or check out the wedding section..You can shop by size, designer, event type, color or rental fee. It's so easy!

This TOTALLY gets our CCPINK "Wink"....We LOVE!

Hugs, all the CCP girls!

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