Monday, December 27, 2010

So he POPPED the question over Christmas... Your ENGAGED now what??


Today’s weddings can be complicated, but they don’t have to be! We have noticed lately that our clients are stressed about the budget, stressed over bridesmaids drama, stressed over the overall vision, and just plain WORRIED! Take these 4 easy steps to put the FUN back into your planning.
CELEBRATE! After you are engaged it’s time to celebrate. Don’t run out to a dress shop OR find the perfect reception location. Enjoy your time and take a moment to enjoy the engagement. If you just can’t stand it, change your status on FACEBOOK and go out and buy every bridal magazine available.
GET EVERYONE INVOLVED. Set a budget and stick to it. Once the budget has been established, now is a good time to go out and start interviewing wedding planners and searching for the perfect ceremony/reception venue. But STOP, first have all financial participants (mom, dad, groom, bride, etc.) attend those very must have meetings. Wedding Planner, Catering Venue, Photographer, Videographer: appointments are a must.
BE ORGANIZED. Once you start signing contracts take a moment and get organized. First go out and buy a 3 ring notebook (not a fancy planner) and start filing all of your contracts and other financial documents inside the binder. Carry it with you everywhere you go. Set up a separate checking account just for wedding expenses. Set up an easy to understand excel spreadsheet for everyone to use throughout the payment process.
GET CREATIVE. This is your time to shine with your creative ideas. If you’re NOT creative, find someone who is: your favorite aunt, your mom, your girlfriend, or anyone who has a Martha hand. Get them on board, and ask them to help you create those fun, fancy menu cards, favor boxes, and other fun items to make your wedding memorable. Ask your bridesmaids over for an Invitation STUFFING PARTY and buy all the junk food you can stand. Stuff yourselves silly. Get them involved too!
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Happy Planning

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