Friday, December 10, 2010

Enchanted Winter Wedding Ideas!

Ho, HO, HOOOOLY moly, you’re planning a wedding!!! What is SO fun about winter weddings is how you can completely transform a space with lighting, linens, and decor. It’s easy to have a pretty literal translation, in terms of design, of Christmas when planning a winter wedding. However, its so much more fun to take certain elements of the season but really make it FEEL like a glamorous, elegant wedding. Here are my tricks for creating the right ambiance while staying true to the winter season!

*Choose clean, neutral palettes, like whites, golds, silvers, or greens or blues.

*Think of “ice,” “snow,” and the converse, “fire,” and “warmth” as you choose decor elements.

*This is a great time of year to incorporate things like branches, crystals, snow, silver and gold balls, candles, and other elements that aren’t “just flowers.”

*Lighting is key. This the one season where it will be dark enough during your entire wedding to appreciate candlelight. People crave warmth when it’s cold outside, so create a fireplace feeling anywhere you can. Candles could line the aisle during your ceremony, centerpieces could have various sizes of pillar candles, floating candles, or even hanging votives on branches. Uplight the walls, and pinspot the centerpieces in soft amber to bring a coziness to your space.

*A cool, modern alternative to the traditional candle comes from a company called Electric Firefly (

*Consider things like hot cocoa stations, snow cones, warm, hearty meal choices and signature drinks and desserts that scream winter.

*Most importantly, have FUN planning!!!

- Tiffany -

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