Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Should I do a 'First Look'? Wait...What does that even mean?

The 'First Look' on a couple's wedding day is a growing trend and for some, hard to swallow. Many couples want the walk down the aisle to be the first time they see each other. However, more and more couples are opting for the 'First Look'. So what is it?

A first look moment is where the bride and groom essentially get to spend a few close minutes together before their big day. Photographers will choose the perfect spot - something secluded, beautiful, and with the perfect lighting. Once everyone is ready, the groom will be set up with his back turned towards the bride. Then photographers will make sure the bride looks absolutely gorgeous, bring her around the corner and let her walk towards her man-to-be. She will say his name and as he turns around, some of the most powerful emotions will flood over both of them. For a groom to see his bride for the first time is incredible. They can laugh, cry, and realize in that blissful moment that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Photographers use their long lenses to shoot so this can be as intimate a moment as possible. Photographers are absolutely wonderful at staging this moment capturing all of the bride and groom's wonderful emotions! And now, the couple is so excited to get to see each other at the aisle. Not to mention, having a 'First Look' before the wedding allows the bride and groom to go straight to the reception and have a great time instead of waiting an hour or two to get pictures done!

It may not be your cup of tea and that's okay, but it's an incredible moment that is always an option!


Aliy said...

My clients Never regret their first look!

I wish my husband and I had made a point to do this, I regret not having that moment to just be in love and forget about everything around you. Its truly amazing.

So wonderful and full of emotion. You can bet if one of them looses it and starts to cry, I'm going to be sobbing behind my camera as well. :)

Stacy Able Photography said...

First looks are great-- takes the stress off the bride and groom and always produces real emotions as when the bride is walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of people she and the groom are working to keep it together.

I recommend it to every bride and hope it becomes a tradition!