Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Linens Aren't Just For The Table Anymore!

I’ve decided I would like to start my own trend this year :) So, to all those brides who haven’t decided what they would like to do for their centerpieces, here’s the HOTTEST trend.... (That I’m about to start :) )

Step #1: Rent cute little cylinder or cube vases from Circle City Designers.

Step #2: Take a piece of your bridesmaids dress fabric or another print, pattern, or style of fabric you love, and go to a craft or fabric store.

Step #3: Find a fabric that is really close to the one you have you have brought, buy enough to cover the vases you have rented and then bring it to our designers to create your one of kind, personal centerpieces!!! Now, you have created the perfect palette!

Step #4: Go ahead and throw a few yards of this fabric down the head table for a grand statement, or underneath your cake for a big WOW!

Why is this a great idea? You haven’t spent a ton of money on expensive glassware, but you’ve still created an elegant, formal look that is totally unique to you! You have created centerpieces that can perfectly blend with each element of your big day! Linens, stationary, menu cards, programs, etc...create a cohesive look! You can take the fabric from the centerpieces after the wedding and have them sewn together into a blanket or comforter for your couch or bed. What a warm, wonderful way to remember the day you say “I do” by snuggling up with your husband!

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