Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Be bold!

Sometimes a bride comes to you with an idea or color scheme that you just aren’t sure about. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to get just a little more comfy with two colors I would have never put together in the fall. But, I was SOOOO glad we did! What an awesome event at the Montage at Allison Pointe! Turquoise and hot pink and BLING! This place was DECKED out in gorgeous white damask linens, chair covers with turquoise sashes, and we made the room POP with big Manzanita branches and hanging crystals. It’s amazing how a little food coloring can transform a centerpiece! One of my favorite pink roses, “Hot Princess,” was the perfect choice for Miss (Now…Mrs.!) Katie because she truly was the Belle of the ball! What was so great about using this color scheme is that it was SO Katie. Lesson learned? Be bold; go with what makes you happy. This wedding was a knock out success!

Adding fabulosity to your florals,


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