Thursday, October 21, 2010

Purple orchids + Crazy weather +Basketball court=AMAZING Wedding

Sarah and Chris
October 2,2010
Stonegate Community
The title says it all. It was an Absolutely AMAZING Wedding. I planned Sarah's big day in a little over four months. She knew that she wanted to get married in her parents backyard and thought it would be nice to have the reception in the Stonegate Community as well. Our first thought was a tent but in the end we decided the Community Meeting House was the best option. Once Sarah's "dream team" of vendors was in place she gave all of us the freedom to do what we thought would look and be best for her wedding. Clients like this are FABULOUS!
The design dream team including Circle City Designers, Evans A/V, Party Time Rental, Card Ink, Tom's Custom Trees and of course myself worked together to transform both event spaces. The ceremony setting was magical and the reception space was even better. The basketball court was totally transformed into one of the most amazing receptions spaces to date. The entertainment dream team including Jim Cerone, Jan Alridge Clark, Ken Knowles and Lauren Walawender did a fantastic job. Laurel Pitt and her staff from Hoaglin Fine Catering put together a wonderful and delicious menu. And I can't wait to see all the amazing shots that Nate and Tiff from Nathaniel Edmunds Photography were able to take.
The only person who wasn't working well was Mother Nature. The morning of the wedding was cold and rainy. It wasn't exactly what we planned but as always we had a backup plan in place. That morning, when I arrived at the Mitchell's, I went over the plan B with Sarah and her mom as Kathy Moberly was applying the ladies makeup. I knew that both of them were very concerned about the weather (I was too) but I told them that I would make the final call at 2pm.
A little before 2 o'clock we had a major bridesmaid dress crisis. The zipper broke and my sewing and safety pinning skills were not cutting it so I called my dress savior Karen White. Luckily, she was able to come on-site and fix the dress! THANK YOU Karen.
After that crisis was averted it was too late to turn back so I made the call that the ceremony was taking place in the backyard as originally planned!! I sent Carrie, one of my wonderful assistants to the drug store to pick up umbrellas just in case.
As guests arrived to the ceremony they were greeted with mugs of hot chocolate and escorted to their seats. Sounds of our vocalists and harpist filled the air. The sky was clear and the sun was even starting to peek through the clouds. After Sarah's nephew, her twin brothers, and her youngest brother walked down the aisle it was time for Sarah's big entrance with her dad. The ceremony was beautiful. The sun started shining so bright as Sarah and Chris exchanged their rings. Of course I cried! Thank God Reverend Patrick didn't speak three minutes longer because after all the guests cleared the backyard- it started raining.
Wedding Love and Hugs,


Sarah said...

This is precious! Chris and I couldn't have asked for a better team to make our wedding unforgettable! BIG thanks to everyone who was a part of it :)

Samual said...

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