Monday, August 2, 2010

Mark and Bren
July 24,2010
Holy Spirit of Geist and The Skyline Club

Boy! I'm feeling the pressure of writing this blog today! On the Friday before the wedding, Bren said to me, "I can't wait to read what you put on the blog!"
So, here it goes....
When I think of Mark and Bren as a couple 2 words come to mind:

If you know Mark and Bren like I do, you've probably used those adjectives to describe them too! We had so much fun planning their wedding!!! They loved the ideas that I brought to them! And with a few touches from Mark and Bren, we created the perfect look. We created a beautiful color scheme of slate, eggplant, raspberry and moss green. A perfect floral print that incorporated all of these colors was used throughout the wedding and pulled everything together!!! The bridesmaids wore slate dresses and their bouquets just POPPED against the fabric!
One logistical concern was the gap between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the reception. We really needed a fun, creative idea for this time. I thought back to our initial meeting when Mark and Bren told me that they had just finished delivering ice cream to some of their special clients. So sweet! I suggested that we bring in an ice cream truck after their ceremony so guests could enjoy. Again, they LOVED the idea and guests LOVED it too!!

Both Mark and Bren were thoughtful while planning their wedding. Bren cared so much about her bridal party. She made special flip flops for them for the mani/pedi party! She always thought about her vendors, too. She sent everyone cute "Thank you" notes! The one that she sent to the trolley and to the antique limo said "Thank you! You really MOVED us. So clever.
Mark and Bren also thought a lot about each other during the planning process. Mark surprised Bren on their wedding day with a thoughtful note about how gifts should be memories, and that instead of simply buying something, they were going to make memories together with a new addition to their family. A KITTY!! SO SWEET! Mark also surprised Bren with a honeymoon! She had no clue where they were going and had only a packing list of things to bring. They ended up spending a week on a private island in Belize.

This wedding meant so much to me and I was happy to be a part of it!! Thanks to all that were involved!! Brenda Staples Photography, Paul Thomas and Cocktail Sax, Troy from Movie Tyme Productions, our ice cream truck, the trolley, our antique limo, Happiness in a Bite for our delicious cupcakes, Dan from Snapdragon for the fabulous makeup, Stacy and her team from Posh Salon, and Julie our dear friend and florist, Royal Creations!!! Thanks TEAM for another AMAZING event!!!


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful and perfect wedding. Darcie was wonderful to all of us. All the vendors were great and made the day special for Mark and Bren and their families.
Thanks, Darcie.

Christine, MOG

Troy Gordon said...

The thoughtful touches of printed table cloths, unique centerpieces, and many more made the atmosphere feel close and personal. On the lighter side, recording guests enjoying ice cream in suits and dresses was an interesting site. It was an artistic creation of combining opposing elements.

Troy Gordon
Movietyme Video Productions

Brenda Staples Photography said...

What an honor it was to share in Mark & Bren's special day.
The visuals that CCP created made photographing the day easy.
Simply beautiful!


Jenn said...

I'm Mark's cousin from CA and unfortunately I couldn't make it but wanted to say I'm so happy you posted this video. Everything looks beautiful!!!! So sad I missed it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome wedding reception, really enjoyed the live band.