Friday, June 18, 2010

Meet Stacy, CCD Intern

It has been a while since I wrote to you guys! We have had a break from weddings so I have been learning the details to what makes these weddings so amazing! As Ashlee said in her blog, some of these details include making design boards for each of our clients. After the first design session, one of our CCD consultants, puts together a design board that reflects the ideas discussed in the meeting.

Here is an example of an inspiration board from Style Me Pretty. This is what we give to our clients after their first initial meeting with Circle City Designers.

Something else I learned how to do this week was how to put together a timeline of what people are going to be doing for the days prior to the wedding. This was a very tedious project but Ashlee and I were able to figure it out together. The schedule is very important to know where everyone is and what they are working on to get ready for the wedding!

I am looking forward to working on the weddings this weekend with knowing more aspects and details of them! I will have lots of pictures and more stories to share with you next time!

Stacy, CCD Intern

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