Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ashlee: CCD Intern

This past weekend we did not have a hectic weekend full of weddings and it was a nice change to focus on other aspects of the business. I was able to sit in on a client meeting with Tiffany where I saw the beginning stages of the planning process. It allowed me to put in perspective how Tiffany begins creating these awesome flower arrangements. Then, she gave me the challenge of creating my very first centerpiece which I was extremely nervous about! I had to pick out my own flowers for a vintage pink wedding. I chose white hydrangeas, light pink roses and white carnations. I was very impressed with my first attempt at creating a centerpiece! See the picture below!

This week we are working on mastering design boards for clients and getting to sit in on meetings with all the CCD/CCP staff! Look for many more updates next week!

Ashlee, CCD Intern

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