Saturday, November 14, 2009

Canjun King marries Irish Queen

Molly & Brandon
November 7, 2009
St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Molly and Brandon could not have picked a more beautiful fall day to celebrate their love for each other. As the Indianapolis Marathon was being run all around the city the day started for Molly and her gals at Meridian Design Group downtown for hair and make-up. Melody from Carpenter Photography & Design met the girls there to start capturing every moment. As I waited for the girls at the Courtyard by Marriot, I sent the boys to the church to have pictures taken with Melody’s other half Jeremy. The marathon caused quite a backup around the city, so the girls trickled into the room and waited for Molly to get into her dress. As she cooled off and stepped into her dress everyone had giant smiles on their face! Then we were off to St. Mary’s.

It was my duty to make sure Molly and Brandon did not get a sneak peak of each other before the ceremony. So as we arrived at the church I made sure Brandon was in his hiding place as Molly and the ladies took some pictures. Then they went upstairs to freshen up. The guests packed St. Mary’s and the moment the doors opened for Molly to walk down the aisle with her father was breathtaking! Brandon’s face just smiled and stared at his beautiful bride. The ceremony was a full mass as both Molly and Brandon’s families have a Catholic upbringing with might I say gorgeous music. After mass, the guests exited and the church bells rang as Molly and Brandon made their appearance as husband and wife. Everyone then headed over to the Rathskeller and the bridal party went to the War Memorial to take some pictures together. Let me just say I was with some of the biggest LSU and NOTRE DAME fans! In between every picture the men managed to have their I-phones set to the games. So funny! They even took a picture watching the games. Brandon said he wouldn’t miss a beat of his Tigers.

The reception at the Rathskeller was set to bring in many of the Irish and Cajun traditions of the bride and groom. Bryan Bishop, from the band The Bishops, did the emcee duties as the bridal party was introduced to the guests. Thanks Bryan! Bishop Houck said a lovely prayer and Molly’s dad John gave a touching speech and then dinner was served. The newlyweds cut their delicious almond and spice cake from Heavenly Sweets and shared a toast by the maid of honor Molly. Let me add the groom’s cake was amazing…as Tonya said, “Watch out cake boss!” The Bishops cranked up the music and the partying began. Two family traditions were celebrated later in the evening after the bouquet and garter toss. The first was the money dance. This is something from the south from Brandon’s family. I have seen this before but this time the money was pinned all over the groom and the bride’s veil. The next tradition was also from New Orleans. I was very interested to see this because it had been hiding in my car since rehearsal the night before. It was a stuffed woman (handmade) on a broom and Brandon got to pass her on to all of his single friends since he was now taken. Each friend took a turn dancing with her as the crowd circled around clapping. They were having such a good time! The night was nearing the end and the Bishops still had the crowd dancing.

Molly and Brandon, I hope your day was magical and you live a long happy life together! Enjoy your honeymoon in San Diego and up the west coast to Seattle!


P.S. Thanks Tonya for doing all the set-up. Couldn’t have done it without you!

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