Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Michelle's day to shine

Michelle & Kevin
November 7,2009
Castleton United Methodist Church and Skyline Club
I first met Michelle way back, when I was planning her sister's Abbie's wedding. Everyone knew that Kevin would pop the question soon but didn't know when. So after Christmas, I got the phone the call that it was time to start planning for another Brammer wedding. Michelle and Kevin were quite different from Abbie and Chris. But that's what makes my job FUN! No two weddings are same. Although there were somethings were similar, these two weddings were definitely different from another.
At the rehearsal, the bridal party was all decked out in football jerseys. On Saturday morning, everything was going smooth. The ladies were getting their hair done while the men were trying to catch up on sleep. Once the girls arrived at the church, my team and I helped them get dressed. Then Jennifer Driscoll took over and snapped some fun outside pictures of all them. Oh I think I forgot to mention how beautiful the day was. It was sunny, almost 70 degrees and it was November!! Gotta love Indiana weather. After the ladies pictures it was time for the fellas. They looked great in their grey suits! The ceremony went beautifully. After all the guests blew bubbles at them for their send off. They got into an antique Cadillac and drove away for more pictures. When I arrived at the Skyline Club for the reception, the cocktail hour was already in full swing. My great assistant Jen, had everything under control. Everyone was enjoying drinks and catching up with friends and family. One of my favorite DJ's, Brian Whitis, was emceeing the event. After the announcement of the newly weds, they cut the cake. And boy did they ever! Both Kevin and Michelle smashed it into each other faces. It was sweet but a little messy! Dinner was FANTASTIC! Afterwards, guests talked,mingled and danced with one another. The event was a success! Everyone had a great time especially Michelle and Kevin. Congratulations to you both!!!

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