Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Washington Tie the Knot

Christina and Justin
Columbia Club
October 3, 2009
Have you ever thought where the saying "tied the knot" comes from? Well after all of these weddings I finally figured it out! Here we are at the rehearsal and the minister takes his scarf off of his robe and literally ties it around the couples' hands as they are kneeling at the alter. He prays for them and then unties the scarf. This wedding tradition comes from medieval times where they were not allowed to untie it until they had consummated the marriage. Rev. Grey explained the saying to me after the rehearsal, boy I learn something new every wedding.The new Mr. and Mrs. Hage live in Virginia and work for the government in DC. They are such a neat couple. Justin was the planner in the relationship and Christina loved every minute of it. They were married at Christ Church Cathedral on the circle. You know that little church that you drive by on the circle and wonder who goes to that cute, ornate, historic church. Well, that's it! I know you are waiting for the CCP first. Well, I had one...and it freaked me out a bit. It takes a lot to frazzle the Tonya, in fact I thrive off of the rush on a wedding day, but this one tops the cake (no pun intended). Christina, right before she started to walk down the aisle, started to panic. Seriously, I thought she was going to pass out. She started crying, turning red, and pacing. So what did I do? I knew Justin was the calm, to her storm. I kept reminding her that she was going to see him soon. I told her to keep her blinders on and look straight ahead for him. It was only 20 seconds down that aisle. She could do it. She continued to panic. "Stay Calm," I reminded myself. It was one of those moments in the movie where the bride needs to talk to her groom. I looked at the clues of my bridesmaids, which told me she has a tendency to freak out right before special moments. She doesn't like the spotlight. Did I mention I've never had that type of panic? But, I knew she was going to be okay. I remained calm, that's my job, and got her down the aisle. We took several deep breathes (thank you Pilates instructor) and walked in calm, cool, and collective. That was a scary one, but she did and did it well. She was stunning! You could just see the guests eyes light up when she walked down that aisle. What a proud moment for her mother and her new husband.The church was located right next door to the Columbia Club; it was so convenient for the guests. I just love the Club. The couple chose the venue based on the political history of the club; what a perfect fit for their passion...the government. Each table was named after a special monument in Washington. Of course, the White House was the head table. Randi, my assistant, had to brush up on her history skills when placing the table names with the pictures. She only missed two; I thought that was better than what I could have done. Melody from Carpenter Photography and her husband did an outstanding job taking us on the streets of Indianapolis and the War Memorial. I can't wait to show you the pictures (the wind was so cold). She knew how important government monuments meant to the couple, so you really paid special attention to those details when capturing their images around the city. I was able to catch a glance at one of the pictures and I seriously thought it was taken in front of a historic monument in Washington. It was so neat! I promise I will post those pictures later.Nick/Scotty (never understood his real name) did an excellent job with the service at the reception and of course, our friend AJ never left a detail unturned. Things were very smooth and the event went into a crazy dance party later in the night thanks to my newlywed friends Jeremy and Sarah (DJ's Direct). A special thanks to Randi who did an outstanding job and allowed me to leave early to celebrate my honey's birthday. Good times! Great job once again team! Justin, let me know if you are looking for a job. You are some planner.
Wedding Love and Hugs,

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