Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Ferg marry their Sweet Pea!

Nicole and Adam
St. Matthews Catholic Church
Indianapolis Museum of Art
October 24, 2009
Where does the time go? I often look ahead at my wedding calendar and the next thing you know it's winter and they have all been married, but this wedding was a special one in my career that I will cherish. Adam and Nicole are dear friends of ours here at the Shadoan's. Adam and Mike work together at Automatic Pool Covers. I have known Adam for years as they travel on business quite often. In fact, Adam often complains about Mike's snoring. I told Mike as a wedding gift he should buy Adam a pair of ear plugs!
So needless to say, when Adam proposed to Nicole they came into the office to get the planning started. St. Matthews (as I found out) is a very small community of great Catholics. Everyone in the congregation seems to know one another. I felt at ease with Father and Pat, the wedding coordinator. The church filled up quickly as the guests piled in to watch Nicole and Adam tie the knot. It was so neat to have my husband in the pews, I actually got to sit down and be a witness! Father told us at the end of the ceremony, we didn't have to come back for mass on Sunday that the ceremony counted! Thank goodness (you know I slept in on Sunday).
In the mean time, Randi and Laurenne (the dynamic duo, CCWeekenders) got the ball rolling at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It was Randi's birthday; WOW! what dedication. The room looked amazing (thanks David from McNamara) and the food was unbelievable. As I arrived, I gave out a few last minute instructions and then I was able to sit down and relax as a GUEST. What a guest?! Yes, a guest!!!! Freddie, from Kahn's Catering, and Vanessa, from the IMA, helped us get those last minute details finalized for the big reveal. Nicole and Adam were very pleased. Mr. and Mrs. Ferg (Ferguson) were able to relax and visit with their friends as the night progressed. We had a cigar bar and a fire pit outside for the guests to enjoy. Thanks Mike for being in charge of the fire! Darci from Bodell Photography (thank you for the amazing shots) was such a delight and the band kept the party moving into the night; Zanadoo rocks! What a fun night! Here's a shout out to my new friends at St. Matthews. I might have to come visit even though I'm not Catholic.
Wedding Love and Hugs,

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Mr. Ferg said...

Tonya, great blog....and all true...the perfect couple, the perfect set up by all, the perfect night...thanks for all you did, we could have never of done it all without you and your staff! What a day what a night!